About Us

Technology Partners believes that together, we are improving our world. We align ourselves with the mission of our clients, supporting them with IT staffing and technology solutions.

In the fall of 2018, we expanded our offering by launching a leadership podcast: Something Extra. We are grateful for those who have shared and continue to share their stories in this way and we hope you join in this community!


About Something Extra

Most people are born with forty-six chromosomes, but each year in the United States about 6,000 people are born with an extra chromosome, making them a person with downs syndrome. If you have ever encountered someone with Down syndrome, you know they are some of the kindest, most joyful people you will ever meet. They truly have something extra.

While you may not have an extra chromosome, every leader has something extra that defines who you are. It has been an honor to follow along as Lisa has explored the something extra in leaders from all walks of life and discovered how that difference in each of them has made a difference in their companies, their families, their communities, and in themselves.

We are quickly approaching the 100th Something Extra episode and are honored to announce our special guest, Albert Pujols! It has been a delight to partner with Albert and the Pujols Family Foundation as they have not only made an impact around the world but in the life of Ally Nichols as well. Albert and his wife, Dee Dee, share a special bond with Lisa as they too have a daughter with Down syndrome. Be sure to tune in Thursday, September 10 for the launch of Something Extra’s 100th episode!